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Naada is a sanskrit word that means "the eternal sound", a form of energy from which all life originates.

    Naada clinic


    Naada Clinic is a Speech, Language and Hearing clinic based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We operate in the greater Copenhagen region and the surrounding cities. We work with various schools and pre-schools where the speech therapy goals are incorporated into daily curriculum. Home based, parent focused intervention is also provided. We are certified to provide Hanen based parent training programs. Specialized guidance and counseling is provided for bilingual upbringing. We also provide speech and language therapy to adults with communication difficulties due to brain damage, stuttering, voice problems etc. Click here to learn more about us.






    Naada clinic provides guidance, assessment and intervention for families of children with speech and language difficulties like:

      • Delayed speech and language development
      • Language based learning disabilities

    We also provide Assessment and rehabilitation for adults with following conditions:

      • Aphasia
      • Dysarthria

    Click here to learn more about our services.





    Naada clinic involved in collaborative research in the areas on :

      • Sound field amplification systems (SFA) in schools
      • Fast mapping in bilingual children
      • Bilingualism
      • Bilingual aphasia

    Click here to know more about our research activities.



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