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Naada clinic is a Speech, Language and Hearing clinic based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We cater to the needs of children and adults requiring speech and language assessment and therapy. We provide assessment on standardized test materials and then tailor our speech and language therapy to suit client needs. Specialized counseling and guidance is also provided on raising bilingual children. We also provide Hanen based parent training on a group as well as individual basis. We provide specialized therapy programs for English speaking children. We closely work with schools to implement the speech therapy activities in their daily curriculum.

Specialized counseling and intervention approaches are designed for fostering the development of speech and language skills in children from bilingual families.


Flexible and convenient work hours to suit client needs

Following services are provided at Naada clinic:

  1. Speech and language assessment using standardized test materials
  2. Evidence based intervention approaches
  3. Home and classroom based intervention approaches
  4. Individualized and tailor made programs
  5. Carryover activities for home and classroom usage
  6. Home and school visits


For children with conditions like:

  1. Delayed speech and language development
  2. Language based learning disabilities
  3. Specific language impairment
  4. Autism
  5. Persons with mental retardation
  6. Cerebral palsy
  7. Apraxia
  8. Acquired speech and language difficulties following head injury or epilepsy
  9. Stuttering (stammering)
  10. Articulation errors (Pronunciation errors)
  11. Voice disorders
  12. Hearing difficulties (speech and language skills)
  13. Central auditory processing disorders (speech and language skills)


For adults with conditions like:

  1. Aphasia
  2. Dysarthria
  3. Apraxia
  4. Stuttering
  5. Voice disorders



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